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*  PALSAR provides unmatched opportunities to study law and related disciplines in a rigorous and  collaborative environment.
*  PALSAR is a community of commitment: commitment to world-class scholarship, to professional  excellence, and to service for the greater good. We hope that you are interested in joining this  community
*  PALSAR offers a welcoming, vibrant community, an accessible and talented faculty, and the most comprehensive legal and management curriculum

*  PALSAR is committed to enrolling a student body from a broad spectrum of society, with the strongest  combination of qualifications and the greatest potential to contribute to the diversity and dynamism of our country. The Law School will strive to provide access to the finest legal education to members of   groups under-represented in the legal profession Law and Business are in an Era of Convergence

* Consequent to the fast-paced globalization, multi-jurisdictional world of enterprise increasingly demands professionals with both legal and business skills. The Programme of the dual degrees in Law and Business delivered at PALSAR will place students showing exceptional promise at the forefront of this convergence.

*  The Program is meant for the students who aspire to a non-traditional career path and PALSAR  provides facilities to students that require intensive training grounded in legal and business curricula  Graduates of the Program at  PALSAR will be equipped with the professional training that will enable them to take on leadership roles here and around the world.

*  Simultaneously, PALSAR seeks to instill the highest ethical standards, and provide the skills for leaders to build bridges across boundaries of jurisdiction, sector, and culture.

*  Today, as Asia explodes with economic growth, the welfare of our nation depends more than ever on our capacity to produce products and services that deliver value to a competitive global marketplace. To do this successfully requires more diligence, dedication and capacity for imaginative thinking when faced with novel circumstances. PALSAR is set to provide this education in exceptionally better way than the best Law Schools in India are prepared.

*  PALSAR views it important to provide business-oriented students with the flexibility to move beyond the boundaries of traditional legal training. The focus on law and business at the College allows students to avail themselves of the benefits of a cutting-edge law and business education by pursuing either of two tracks through the intensive Five-year honours dual degree, BBA., LL.B (Hons.).