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Asst. Professor (Journals & Publications) – Nikhilesh. N



Designation: Assistant Professor – Journals & Publications

Qualification: B.A (Law), LL.B , LL.M, N.E.T

Specialization: Administrative Law & Maritime Law

List of Publications*

  1. Acted as resource person: Acted as Resource Person and delivered one hour talk on ‘Business Law and Digital Signature’ in UGC sponsored National Seminar, Cyber Crimes: Issues and Challenges, held on 14- 10 2015 held at MES College Marampally.
  2. Women’s Rights: Human Right Perspective, UGC sponsored National Seminar, held on 10- 11 December 2014.

Publications in National and International Journals and Seminar Proceedings

  1. ‘Applicability of Indian Penal Law to Maritime Zones and Extra-territorial Criminal Jurisdiction of Indian Court’ published in Cochin University Law Review.
  2. ‘Legal Regime to Control Paid News’ BPC College ISBN Numbered Seminar Proceeding, 2014.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility v. corporate Sustainability: where does corporate law stand?
  4. ISBN numbered UGC National seminar proceedings, 2014.
  5. Demutualisation of Stock exchanges, ISBN Numbered national seminar proceedings, 2014.
  6. The Concept of Informed Consent for Clinical Drug trials: Introspection to the Human Right Issues, ISBN numbered UGC National seminar proceedings, 2015.
  7. Participated the Seven Day Refresher Course on Law Teaching organized by Inter-university Center for IPR Studies held at Cochin University of Science and Technology during 19th to 26th June 2015.

Workshop Attended

  1. Participated the Two Day Workshop for Law Teachers in Kerala On ‘Teaching and Research In IPR’ organized by interuniversity centre for IPR Studies held at Cochin University of Science and Technology during 5 and 6th may 2014.
  2. Participated in the second annual National Workshop for the Law Students on ‘Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights- Indian Patent Law: The Social Overtones’ held at Cochin University from 12th to 14th January 2012.
  3. Participated in the one day state level workshop on ‘Human Rights Movements and Youth’ organized by department of Social work, Little Flower Institute of Social Science and Health on 1st August 2009.

Bar Experiences

  1. Practiced as Lawyer at Calicut Bar from July 2010 to 31st December 2013 in both Civil and Criminal side.

Other Experience

  1. Worked as an intern in legal cell, Cochin Port Trust during June 2012.

Paper Presentations and Publications in International Conferences

  1. Presented paper titled Relevance of Environment Impact Assessment in Western Ghats in International Law Conference on conservation of Forests, Wildlife and Ecology December 2012 held on the theme of ‘Legal Regime and measures for Conservation of Biological Diversity and Protection of Ecological Balance of Western Ghats’ held at Kerala Law Acadamy on December 2012.
  2. Presented paper titled Is Policing System Meeting the Needs of Victims? In the three day International Seminar on ‘Redressal to Female Victims- Human Rights and Constitutional Perspectives’ held at Kannur University, March 2013.
  3. Participated and Submitted paper titled Sustainable Development & Emerging Challenges – Relevance of EIA in Environmental Decision Making in World Human Rights Conference held on March 2013

Paper Presentations and Publications in National Conferences

  1. Presented paper titled Importers Duty under Draft Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011: a Critical Study in the National seminar on ‘Food Safety: Emerging Trends in India’ held at School of Legal Studies CUSAT on December 2011.
  2. Presented paper titled Prosecuting Sexual Offences Against Children:The Procedural Dilemmas in the National seminar on ‘Right of Children’ held at School of Indian Legal
  3. Thought Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam on February 2012.
  4. Presented Paper titled Dignity of Women under Indian Penal Code: A Critical Evaluation in the National seminar on ‘Law, Gender and Social Transformation in India’ held at University of Hyderabad on September 2012.
  5. Presented Paper titled Demutualization of Stock Exchange National Seminar on ‘Securities Law’ held at School of Legal Studies CUSAT on February 2013.
  6. Presented paper titled The Legal Doctrine of Informed Consent in Human Experimentation: An Analysis in the National Convention on Ethics in Research on Human Subjects: Problems of Implementing International Norms and Guidelines in Indian Context at JNU, Delhi on July 2013.
  7. Presented paper titled The Concept of Informed Consent for Clinical Drug Trials Introspection to the Human Right Issues in 3 day UGC National Seminar on Health Law and Policy- New Dilemmas- New Perspective held at Kerala University Law Campus, Karyavatom on 23rd April, 2014.
  8. Presented a paper a paper titled Corporate Social Responsibility v. Corporate Sustainability: where does corporate law stand in the UGC National seminar on Corporate Governance in India- issues and concerns on 28th and 29th August, 2014 at Uzavoor St. Stepehens College, Ernakulum.
  9. Presented a paper a paper titled ‘Flag of Convenience is a vanishing point of genuine link theory: problems and perspectives’ in the three day National Seminar on Indian Law on Maritime Jurisdiction at His Highnesss Maharajas Government Law College Ernakulam on 18th to 20th January 2017.

Various Conferences Attended

  1. Participated one-day National seminar on Piracy at sea- An Introspection organized by K. M School of Marine Engineering on 25th November 2011.
  2. Attended the state level seminar on ‘Correctional Administration’ conducted by the Kerala Prisons Department on 15/03/2008 to 16/03/2008.
  3. Participated one day National seminar ‘Global Finance Capital, Marginalised Majorities and Limited Transparency – Lessons for Ensuring an Inclusive India’ organized by Center for the Study of Social Exclusion(CSSEIP), CUSAT and E- Balanandan Foundation on 28th September 2011.
  4. Participated National Seminar on Property Intellectual Rights jointly organized by the Intellectual Property Rights Clinic- Legal Aid Clinic- Government Law College, Kozhikode on 18th and 19th March 2009.
  5. Attended the seminar conducted by the Kerala State Human Rights Commission on 10th December 2005.
  6. Participated National seminar on Role of Intellectual Property Rights in the Knowledge Era 28th and 29th November 2008.
  7. Participated state level Seminar on Environment Protection: Law Enforcement and Citizen’s Participation on 7th March 2009.
  8. Attended the seminar conducted by the Kerala State Human Rights Commission on 10th February 2007 at Government Law College, Calicut on Facets of Human Rights.